Llay Community Council

About Llay Community Council

In Wales a Community Council is the level of government closest to the electrolate, equivalent to a Parish Council in England. Community Councils are based on geographical areas governed by rules laid down by the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales.

The community is sub-divided up into smaller geographical areas called wards, of which there are two – Bryn and Park. The resident of each ward in the community are asked to elect Councillors based on the size of the ward, currently six (Bryn) and nine (Park) Councillors are elected to represent the interest of that ward and the general interest of the whole community.

The members of the the Community Council are volunteers who stand for election because they care about the community. As volunteers they are not paid and do not receive allowances.

The Community Council appoints one of the Councillors to the office of Chair of the Council, who will represent the Community Council at various events and functions during his or her term of office.

Community Councillors must give a written undertaking to adhere to the Community Council’s Code of Conduct in the carrying out of their duties as Councillors. The code (a copy of which can be obtained from the Clerk of the Council) requires them to act in accordance with six general principles:-

  • Promotion of equality and respect for others
  • Accountability and openness
  • Duty to uphold the law
  • Selflessness and stewardship
  • Objectivity and propriety
  • Integrity

The Code requires Councillors to consider whether they have a personal interest in any matters considered by the Council and if they have such an interest they must sign a Declaration of Interest; failure to adhere to this requirement could lead to the Councillor being suspended or removed from office.

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month (with the exception of August when there is no meeting). Each meeting begins at 6:30pm (members of

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the public are welcome). The venue is Llay Park School. The minutes of the meetings are displayed in the Library at the Resource Centre.

The council employs a part-time clerk and a full-time Grounds man who looks after the cemetery for which the Council is responsible. The majority of the street lights in Llay are also the responsibility of the Council.


Clerk Mr Mark Williams - 01978 312094 / 07506 960130

Councillors: B Apsley, Mrs S Apsley, T Boland, D Broderick, K Cupit, P Crewe, M Davies, P Evans, C Higgins, M Taylor, Mrs V Wineyard, Andy Boland, Eunice Vincent, Dave Adams, Andrea Stevenson.